Thursday, March 23, 2017

More Pics-Grateful Moments

The hubster surprised me with new gyms shoes as a belated birthday present! He said the colors were bright and I was a bit nervous. He did just right though!

Turns out BB is a teeter-totter man: 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nice People

This afternoon I'm volunteering at the local blood bank handing out snacks and rebooking appointments. I enjoy it-just a little tired today! Lots of good folks.

The sunshine outside (deceptive since it's so cold still) makes me think of this morning just after cycling. It was sunny and cold and we were cooling down when one of the regulars complimented me:

"It's really good that you stick with this and keep up your routine. You're doing so well and you're an inspiration to a lot of people." 

He smiled and nodded and I said thank you, then he went on to ask, "What's your goal?"

I was a little befuddled. "My goal for what?"

"Your goal, ya know, with all of this." He swung an arm around the cycling room and toward the rest of the gym.

I paused for a moment, unsure if the answer that came to mind was the one I should share. After a moment's hesitation I opted for honesty, like I usually do.

"Staying alive." 

He shrugged and frowned in a tiny bit, a little unprepared for the answer but respectful. "Well, that's always good."

I went on to tell him a little bit about my struggles finding a medication and how the gym classes help maintain my mood. He complimented me again and then somehow we got into a chat about a friend of his that got pulled out of the line at the Canada/US border. 

It was after having a kidney test with radioactive iodine done. The screening machines were sensitive enough to detect the iodine in his body through the car-it was quite impressive. Apparently he's preparing to donate a kidney to a friend of theirs.

Anyways. Those are some positive nice people from day. Gym buddies, donors, volunteers, and bloggers :o)

Happy pre-Friday everyone ;o)